Zignature Zelfie

  • 290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Wonder Wand Cushion Concealer

    290 ฿ 199 ฿

    ซิกเนเจอร์ เซลฟี่ วันเดอร์ แวนด์ คุชชั่น คอนซิลเลอร์

    ไม้กายสิทธิ์เสกผิวสวย เรียบเนียบง่ายๆ ในขั้นตอนเดียว

    ซิกเนเจอร์ เซลฟี่ วันเดอร์ แวนด์ คุชชั่น คอลซีลเลอร์ คุณภาพเยี่ยม นวัตกรรมเพื่อผิวสวยสำหรับการปกปิด ทุกจุดบกพร่อง บนใบหน้า ที่เป็นปัญหากวนใจ  ได้เป็นอย่างดี ไม่ว่าจะเป็น ริ้วรอยความหมองคล้ำใต้ดวงตา สีผิวไม่สม่ำเสมอ ฝ้า กระ และ จุดด่างดำ ให้ลดเลือนลง พร้อมปรับผิวให้แลดูกระจ่างใส เรียบเนียน อย่างเป็นธรรมชาติ

    ขนาด : 1.5 กรัม


  • 390 ฿ 279 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Capture Me Compact Foundation SPF25 PA++

    390 ฿ 279 ฿

    Zignature Zelfie Capture! Me Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA ++

    A fine, silky smooth foundation powder. It covers black spots, uneven skin and keeps natural looking for a long time with long-lasting effects. It protects skin from UV-A and UV-B with SPF 25 PA++ . “ Smooth Melting Powder ” provide long lasting finish and can absorb excess sebum on the face with Silica and Bamboo Powder. Silicone Elastomer Powder provides silky touch and wrinkles masking benefits. It contains White Strawberry to provide natural whitening. Enrich with Vitamin E to give Moisture

    Shades:           No.01 – White Skin

                              No.02 – Medium Skin

                              No.03 – Olive Skin

    Net:                 8 g./ 0.28 Oz.

    DirectionsApply on your face by the sponge.

  • 450 ฿ 349 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Make Up Go! Eye&Brow Palette

    450 ฿ 349 ฿


    A fine , silky touch and long lasting Eye Shadow,Liner & Eyebrow in 1 Compact to mix and create varity eyelids & brow .  Enriched with Vitamin E to give moisture to skin.

    Direction  : Apply on your eyelids by brush or apply on eyebrow with slanted eyebrow brush.

    Net Wt. : 6×1 g.


  • Zignature-Zelfie-Make-Up-Go-Lip-Palette
    450 ฿ 349 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Make Up Go! Lip Palette

    450 ฿ 349 ฿


    New Collection 6 shade in 1 palette.  Silky soft and smooth feeling with beautiful color co-operate with satin texture. Provide feels light and luscious, never sticky. Maximized color impact. The formula rich in Red Berry Extract provides moisturizer and drenched with conditioners.  Epilobium Fleischeri Extract (from Alps mountain) protects the skin from dryness and gives moisturizer to lips.

    DIRECTIONS : Apply on your lips by brush .

    Net Wt. : 6 x  1.5g  /  6 x 0.05 Oz

  • 300 ฿ 199 ฿


    300 ฿ 199 ฿


    Mascara Builds perfectly thicker , longer & curl. It builds and strengthens lashes with a Biotinoyl Tripeptid, Panthenol, Sesame oil and Rice bran oil. This water proof formula offers long lasting ware while easily to remove with eye make up remover.

    Net : 8 g.

  • 290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Perfect Focus Foundation to Powder SPF30 PA++

    290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature Zelfie  Perfect Focus Foundation to Powder SPF30 PA++

    Gives you a poreless, airbrushed finish concealing blemishes for 24 hours. Its color correcting pigments lighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles while SPF 30 PA++ protects your face from harmful UV rays.

    Shades: No.01 – Light Shade

    No.02 – Natural Shade

    Direction : Apply appropriate amount over the face with fingertip and sponge before make up.

    Net Wt. :      15 g./ 0.52 Oz.

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  • 290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Pro Filter Duo Eyebrow

    290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature Zelfie Pro Filter Duo Eyebrow

    Eyebrow kit is a double-duty brow has a velvety brow automatic pencil on one end and a brow powder on the other. Easy to apply and portable. The precision pencil redefines the line. Creamy formula delivers a smooth and soft feel to the brows and powder formula provide slippery and silky dust. Create beautiful and natural brow effects. Highly pigmented formula ensures a long-lasting hold. Draw and shape brows for a natural look, fill in sparse areas for a defined look. Enrich with Pomegranate Seed Oil and Vitamin E to give moisture to the skin.

    Colors: No.01 – Chocolate Brown

    No.02 – Natural Brown

    Directions :

    1. Once you have used the creamy end to shape your eyebrows, you need to make sure you blend it in really well to give you a natural finish.
    2. For a flawless and soft finish for your eyebrows, you can use the powdered end of the Duo Brow kit. Little dabs of the powder will work wonders to give you.

    Net Wt.:   Cream 0.1 g. and Powder 0.5 g.

  • 250 ฿ 179 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Ready Snap Fluffy Cheek

    250 ฿ 179 ฿

    Zignature Zelfie Ready Snap Fluffy Cheek

    Gel cream cheek adds a beautiful glow to your  Cheeks. Gel-type formulation enclosed in a special stretchy gel feeling which is silky-soft creamy on your fingers that becomes dry from the instant you apply it to your cheeks!. The base of a gel lipstick is translucent which allows for maximum color to delivers high definition color .Intense color and provide long-wearing effect. Contain moisturizer from Grape Seed Oil to protect dryness and roughness. Sakura Extract helps prevention of wrinkles and skin-lightening to correct hyperpigmentation and age spots. Vitamin E provide moisture and leave lips moist and smooth.

    Colors : No.01 – Cotton Pink

    No.02 – Honey Nude

    No.03 – Creamy Coral

    No.04 – Mixed Punch

    Directions :  Apply cream blush on your cheeks and blend with finger

    Net Wt. : 2.7 g./0.09 Oz.

  • 290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Reflexion Lipstick

    290 ฿ 199 ฿

    Zignature Zelfie Reflexion Lipstick

    Creamy, smooth and easy to glides right onto the lips without dragging or pulling. Translucent base that allows enriches pigments to delivers High Definition color. Formula feels completely weightless . Maximum color saturation compared to the opacity of a traditional creamy wax-based lipstick So, allow the color you see in the stick to be more true on your lips.  Grape seed oil. Pomegranate seed oil help to soften the skin and reduce the signs of aging. Vitamin E provide moisture and leave lips moist and smooth. Bisabolol protection and care of the lips with anti-inflammatory properties.


    Colors :

    No.01 – Peachy Nude

    No.02 – Burgundy Red

    No.03 – Magenta Brown

    No.04 – Lilac Pink

    No.05 – Plum Pink

    Direction:  Apply on your lips

    Net Wt. : 3.6 g./ 0.12 Oz